TBT Cooler Days

As noted previous my blog has been restored without content and I am publishing old posts form the past.
I do not know about you, but I am looking forward to the cooler days of fall and winter and this photo reminds me that the cooler days are coming. I took this photo of a Forster’s Tern this past winter on a sunny day on Texas City Dike. I like reflections and this one has the extra d…

Sunrise in Galveston

In January I went out to photograph along the sea wall in Galveston. We were initially photographing one of the statues on the sea wall, I started looking at the surf and waves that were near the sculpture.
I really like the reflections of the sun on the water in this image.

TBT – Steppin’ Out

As noted previous my blog has been restored without content and I am publishing old posts from the past.
Every now and then I capture a photo that I basically like, but it just has something missing. This image for example had a ugly sky that took away from the action of the Roseate Spoonbill as he was starting to take off. I used a number of files to give texture to the boring listless sky. This is a case that took an OK image to something interesting in my mind.

Links to Websites from Photo Archive Class

Photo Sharing Sites

The photo sharing sites that allow for unlimited uploads include:

Both of these sites have a huge number of features and allow customization to make the site look the way you want it to look. Personally, I have used Smugmug for many years.

Cloud Storage:

I can not image my digital life without DropBox. I store any file that I may need to use on multiple devices and I archive lots of personal documents so I can get to them easily. While I do not use DropBox for my photos, this may be a great place to store your photos as well. You can easily share the photos from DropBox.

I use an online back up of my photos for several reasons as I like the security of being able to recover all of my photos easily. My photo archive is over 5 tb now. I have been using CrashPlan for some time now, but I have not tested to see if I could recover all of my photos, but I feel confident that I could do that easily (albeit slowly). Carbonite is another excellent on line back up that many people I know use regularly.

Photo Organization Software

To organize, find and share my photos I use Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.  It has a good database, is fairly easy to learn, and has a number of features to make a photographer’s life easier.

There are lots of other programs out there that can help you out, like Photos from Apple if you use a Mac.  Google’s Picasa was free and easy to use, but they are no longer supporting its use.