TBT This is My Best Side

I have been known to criticize people when they personify wildlife. Personification of wildlife leads many not realize that wildlife is wild and should be treated as such, but I have found personification to be useful when I am trying to choose which photo to keep and show either on Facebook or print for a photo contest.

TBT Black-crested Titmouse

I always enjoy seeing and photographing the various titmice, I think they are cute and the move very fast. Gene, the owner of Laguna Seca Ranch, brought in the red flowers in the background and I have now forgotten their name. I do like the out of focus red and green background.

TBT Gotta Go!

While photographing in the blinds at Laguna Seca, there were only a few mammals that came in for a drink and/or some food.
This little Desert Cottontail was very cautious as he approached the water, in fact he came and went a couple of times prior to this photo. He came in and stopped to eat some grass.

TBT Out for a Drink

One group of birds that I never tire of are quail. I remember hearing them frequently in the summer growing up, and I enjoyed listening to these birds while at Laguna Seca Ranch recently. To me, the calls of Bobwhites just sound like summer to me. Well, maybe I just like cute short chunky birds.

TBT Roseate Skimmer

This one is for my Texas Master Naturalist friends. Even though dragonflies are beautiful, I haven’t spent much time trying to photograph them. There are quite a few different species. Many of them, like this Roseate Skimmer, are very colorful. I think this one is male. This was one of the first times that I ever spent any time trying to photograph a dragonfly.