TBT Morning Tussle

This is another image from one of the many trips I made to Smith Oaks Sanctuary in High Island from earlier this year. I like to watch the area near the rising sun to attempt to use the sun to add a bit of drama.
As I was watching the Great Egrets I noticed that one flew into the area near the …

TBT What are you looking at???

Certain groups of birds seem to have more attitude than other. This is definitely true for Long-billed Thrashers, they appear to be bold boisterous birds that are dominate around food. I really like how this one is looking at me since I was staring at him. This photo was captured at Laguna…

TBT Bronzed Cowbird

A lot of people hate Bronzed Cowbirds, as they are well-known brood parasites and lay their eggs in the nests of songbirds. They don’t take care of their young, and their chicks will actually push out their nest mates so that the young cowbird gets all of the food. Ensuring the next generation of cowbirds and not allowing for the next generation of small song birds.