TBT Go Away, I’m Bathing!

I have mixed feelings about photographing bathing birds, even though I’ve seen others do a lot of it. Even when the photos turn out to be interesting, they still look strange to me. I try to get something a little different when I photograph a bathing bird, but most of them have the same look to me. I do like the apparent motion of the wing in this photo so I kept it and shared it with you.

TBT Desert Cardinal

I’m back to editing the photos I took while at Laguna Seca Ranch. I have alway thought of this bird as the pretty cardinal-like bird that I mispronounce the name. One of the more simple portraits that I captured while I was in Edinburgh.
Some refer to this bird as the Desert Cardinal.

TBT Life Bird from West Texas Trip

I was fairly busy this year during the peak of migration and I missed an unusual rare bird in Galveston County. I did try one two occasions to see the MacGillivray’s Warbler as it would have been a life bird that I had missed on other occasions when I lived in the western US.
I took a trip into WestTexas this year and spent a couple of days at South Llano River State Park and I not only saw a MacGillivray’s Warbler, but a photo as well!

TBT Aren’t I Pretty!

I enjoy visiting the Smith Oaks Sanctuary and early in the breeding season. The courtship behavior is fun to watch and the birds are really decked out in all of their finery. He was showing off to another snowy egret.
If you go to the rookery early in the morning you have the sun rising behind behind the birds, gives you a challenge in exposure, but if you get the exposure correct, you get a striking photo!