Category: Insects

  • TBT Roseate Skimmer

    This one is for my Texas Master Naturalist friends. Even though dragonflies are beautiful, I haven’t spent much time trying to photograph them. There are quite a few different species. Many of them, like this Roseate Skimmer, are very colorful. I think this one is male. This was one of the first times that I […]

  • TBT Mr Cool Dragonfly

    As I saw this composition in the viewfinder, it reminded me of a person wearing sunglasses attempting to look cool. This is a Seaside Dragonlet that I photographed at San Bernard National Wildlife Refuge about a week or so ago.

  • TBT Needham’s Skimmer

    Here’s another dragonfly, I am thinking that the “faces” of dragonflies have an interesting look, like a motorcyclist wearing a helmet. This is a Needham’s Skimmer and I photographed it at the boardwalk at the Sea Center, in Lake Jackson.

  • TBT Dragonfly vs Dragonfly

    Before I captured this image I knew that dragonflies were extremely effective predators, but I did not know that they would kill and eat other dragonflies. I found this female Eastern Pondhawk eating a Seaside Dragonlet at San Bernard National Wildlife Refuge.