TBT Gotta Go!

While photographing in the blinds at Laguna Seca, there were only a few mammals that came in for a drink and/or some food.
This little Desert Cottontail was very cautious as he approached the water, in fact he came and went a couple of times prior to this photo. He came in and stopped to eat some grass.

TBT Out for a Drink

One group of birds that I never tire of are quail. I remember hearing them frequently in the summer growing up, and I enjoyed listening to these birds while at Laguna Seca Ranch recently. To me, the calls of Bobwhites just sound like summer to me. Well, maybe I just like cute short chunky birds.

TBT Roseate Skimmer

This one is for my Texas Master Naturalist friends. Even though dragonflies are beautiful, I haven’t spent much time trying to photograph them. There are quite a few different species. Many of them, like this Roseate Skimmer, are very colorful. I think this one is male. This was one of the first times that I ever spent any time trying to photograph a dragonfly.

TBT Mammal Monday

I know that many people that enjoy birds have a love hate relationship with squirrels. Overall squirrels are clever creatures that are very good problem solvers such that they get to eat more bird seed than people like.
I have personally watched them get around some of the most difficult contraptions that were intended to prevent them from getting the bird seed.

TBT Black-Crested Titmouse

Black-crested Titmouse are cute little birds and they seem to be spunky. This little bird showed up late on my last day of shooting and for variety, we changed up the set ups and moved the flowers closer to the perch for a different look. I like the look and feel that the Bee Balm gives the overall feeling of this capture.