About Scott

Scott spent his childhood days exploring the “wild” areas near his home in Houston. He began to develop an interest in animal behavior, which led him to study biochemistry in college. He also worked at maintaining fish, growing plants, and collecting marine invertebrates. He spent weekends looking for birds and other wildlife along the coast and piney woods of Texas.

Scott also studied photography on his own, driven in part by his continued interest in animal behavior. His skill improved, and the positive feedback he received fueled his growing passion for photography.
Scott’s interests compelled him to seek travel opportunities which allowed him to observe and film nature. Through reading, workshops and participation in photography clubs — in addition to a great deal of practice — he learned many ways to enhance his skills.
Through the years his photographic interests expanded to include other forms and styles of photography. Film gave way to digital, and the tools available for digital photography allowed him to achieve the exceptional results he had always dreamed of. Now that he shoots exclusively with digital, he finds an amazing variety of creativity and opportunities — with imagination being the only limitation.